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Why choosing IWN?

IImperia Web Network has a novel technology which will provide media organizations with the opportunity to increase reader revenue and create a diversified set of revenue streams for the media.

Through the automation of the entire purchasing, placement, and optimization process for news organizations, the journalists and media experts will have time to focus on what matters most – creating high quality content for their readers.


Diversity and New Revenue Streams for Media Outlets.
Ad Network
Why ad networks are important?

Ad networks are an essential monetization element of the advertising ecosystem. IWN is the technical and commercial intermediary between advertisers and publishers. Publishers doesn’t have to negotiate deals with each individual advertiser.

Main Features

Programmatic Direct Ads: Each media will be able to create direct ads and specify a minimum price and how to sell their placements.

Real-Time Bidding: Access to the ads of large and small companies that advertise through our platform. The media are free to sell advertising space depending on the target groups of advertisers.

Header Bidding: Auction between international advertising partners such as Google AdX to increase your CPM rates.

Free analysis and Ad Optimization will be provided for all media partners.

Service Points
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Any Platform

Monetize your audience on desktop, mobile & tablet with specific placements.

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No Ad Blockers

Our ads bypass ad blocking software to increase revenue.

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Online Dashboard
Detailed information is always available right at your hand.
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Privacy Policy

We do not share any information from your websites to third party.

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Certified Team

We have a professional team with certified experts and AdOps gurus.

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Dedicated Support

Talk with our specialists to find best placements and ad optimizations.

The process
Our Strategy and How it works

Long-term  Contracts
With our Premium Advertisers.
Who we are?
Young entrepreneurs with several successful projects.
ivaylo yordanov
Ivaylo Yordanov
CEO & Co-Founder

Young entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the digital marketing and advertising industry. Digital Marketing Lecturer and Start-up Business Mentor.

plamen metodiev
Plamen Metodiev
COO, Co-Founder

A broad set of skills with responsibilities that range from managing day-to-day operations to providing strategic advice. Always looking forward to providing the best possible service to our partners and clients.

Valentin Todorov

More than 10 years of experience with various technologies. Strong background and in-depth know-how in developing demand-side and supply-side platforms.

savina IWN
Savina Ezekieva
Sales Manager

А young entrepreneur and skilled professional in the field of digital media and advertising. Actively involved in diverse initiatives related to media literacy and support of the activities of regional media.

Trusted companies.
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    Connecting the dots. We are changing the advertising landscape in Bulgaria.
    IWN Tech Support
    Our team will help you to analyze your current performance, implement header bidding, and create a long-term strategy for optimization. We can also help for your on-site SEO at no extra cost.
    Helping small publishers
    "Our focus is mainly on small publishers and our research shows that they will need our tech solution because they can’t deal direct with premium advertisers"
    IWN Example Ad Distribution
    Programmatic & Direct
    Programmatic + Direct Advertisers in one script. Header Bidding solution for success. Guaranteed.
    Equal Access
    Premium Ads for All Media Owners
    Media Network
    United Small Publishers can get better CPMs
    Better Results
    Up to 70% more revenue with premium ads
    Less is More
    1 Ad Network is enough when you get premium advertisers.
    How it works?
    Example of the process *real numbers for some of our publishers.
    Premium Advertisers

    Usually large local & global companies.

    Premium DSPs + Google AdX

    Only premium DSPs. We don't serve ugly ads like some of our competitors.

    Header Bidding + Optimization

    Personal header-bidding + onsite optimizations for free with our partners from EVOL.BG

    All in our own Ad Server

    IWN Ad Server build with cutting edge tech for super-fast delivery.

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    Publisher 4 earns


    IWN Admin Panel
    Check your revenue with our easy to use software!
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    Personal Wallet
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    Placements Analisys
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    Monitor CPM Rates

    Helping small publishers and freelance journalists to become more independent and better paid in their work.